“Ayazakura”, a representation of the designers name, Aya, combined with the national flower of Japan, the cherry blossom called Zakura. After the Zakura tree blossoms, the amazing pink petals on the ground resemble a sensual and elegant landscape. The same emotion one feels when wearing an Ayazakura hand-made piece.

 Arriving from Japan in 2000, Aya started creating jewelry with talisman Japanese coins called Goen, which unite people in a joyous destiny. In 2001 she began using various gem stones and wires. Three years later Aya exhibited at Industry, Jacob Javitts Center, where she received a Best Accessories Profile Award catapulting her into the limelight. In 2004, Aya received the Profile Award for Accessories from INDUSTRY (212) event. The New York Post and Marie Claire featured her jewelry designs and soon afterward, Aya won an audition to exhibit at the International Fashion Fair in Tokyo, Japan. She won another award in May of 2005 during her participation in The Beads Contest which ended up exhibiting all her jewelry throughout Europe and Japan. In ‘06, Aya became certified in Diamond Essentials by GIA.

 Aya’s main inspiration is from the earth and its elements of fire, storm and femininity. She is currently experimenting with various materials and techniques in order to expand the variety and originality of her craftmenship. Aya considers herself to be obsessed with creating custom pieces with specific stones that have a spiritual meaning catered to the special event. More then just decoration, Aya aims to have her hand-made pieces be a source of spiritual strength to the person that wears it, hoping that it becomes a family heirloom past down generation to generation.